Established in 1947


1130 Circle Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801

All members are encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings. This is your club and we want your input. The agenda for the next board meeting is posted on the bulletin board outside the main office approximately 10 days prior. You can also request a copy by contacting the office. Board meeting minutes are posted outside the office and copies are available to all members by request.

The Board Meetings for 2020 are the third Wednesday of each month and begin promptly at 7:00 pm at the Appleatchee Club House.

The General Meeting is held annually in the Fall.

The 2020 meeting schedule should be as follows:

Jan 15

Feb 19

Mar 18

Apr 15

May 20

Jun 17

Jul 15

Aug 19

Sept 16

Oct 21

Nov 18

Dec 16


Board Members

President: Brock Ragan
Vice President: Tony Kirschner
Secretary: Angella Kirschner
Treasurer: Tammy Wheeler
Sergeant at Arms: Cole Stuart
Past President: Tim Beck
Trustee 2020: Becky Goodwin
Trustee 2020: Pam Morgan
Trustee 2020: Dianne Cook
Trustee 2021: Ken Tincher
Trustee 2021: Karen Kooy
Trustee 2021: Latifa Whitehall