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Congratulations Appleatchee Team Sorters on a successful March competition in Moses Lake!

Competitions & Practices

Competitions: All levels of riders welcome! 1st timers and experienced riders will all compete together! Appleatchee Riders hosts monthly 2-man sorting competitions using a Multi Group Round Robin Format. There are also 3-man and 1-man competitions throughout the year.

All riders in the Round Robin class will be guaranteed a minimum of 6 rides. When the registration goes above 10 riders, the class will be split into groups and will run simultaneously. All groups and teams are created dynamically. Within each assigned group, a rider will ride at least once with every other rider. This is a single-entry, “draw only” class. No picks are allowed. All cow counts and times are accumulated for each rider, and the rider(s) in each group with the most cows in the least time accumulated move on to the 2nd or Final Go round.

Competitions are $110 ($100 entry fee with 50% payback and $10 arena and admin fee - assessed to all riders)

Practices: Team Sorting practices are held twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Our Wednesday practices start at 6:00 PM and will resume in February. January practice is currently being held every other Saturday at 9:00AM in the Indoor Arena. We will give everyone as many goes as time allows during practice and goes will vary depending on the number of sorters.

Cost to practice is $15 for Appleatchee members and $20 ($15+$5 arena fee) for non-members. Please come prepared to help set up pens and mark cattle before practice and take down the pens after we finish.

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Note from the Division Head-

The complete event points earned each month are shown on the Final Payout reports posted on our Facebook page and emailed out to our distribution list. The Head [Sorted] per Minute and your points earned are shown on your Sort Arena Rider Dashboard. 
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-Gregg, Appleatchee Team Sorting Division Head
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ARA Team Sorting Rulebook

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